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As everyone knows all cats enjoy hunting and plying with their food. However since cats have become more indoor pets they have lost this enjoyment. Studies have shown that although indoor cats live longer lives they are at higher risk for certain diseases.  Veterinarians have also found that by increasing your cats stimulation and allowing them to mimic the behavior of outdoor cats then we can decrease the risk of disease in indoor cats. This game will allow your fur baby to regain some of its inner cat.

We highly recommend a heating source for all outdoor pets in the winter months. This pad is made of hard plastic so it is easy to clean and more resistant to rodent damage. There are no adjustments or monitoring of the heat produced by the pad, just plug it into an outlet and you are done. The pad is suppose to be water proof but we highly recommend you place it in a dry area and out of the wind.

Sometimes our fur-babies climb on things they shouldn't or scratch on expensive furniture. This product is both safe and effective at keeping pets away from areas or items in your home. The SSScat uses a motion detector and aerosol can with air only to alert your pet they should not be where the are. Plus it also works when you are not home. Refills are listed below