In order to offer quality veterinary care we are proud to offer In-Patient services.

For patients in need of IV fluids and medication or extended oxygen therapy.  The Animal Wellness Center is equipped to accomidate In-patient needs.  The Animal Wellness Center has successfully treated and released patients with Parvo, heart failure and toxin ingestion! In the event your pet needs more advanced therapy we can quickly assist in a referral to a critical care facility!

DNA Preservation

In the unfortunate event that your pet (dog or cat) should pass away we offer DNA extraction and preservation services.  We have partnered with VIAGEN, a reputable American Company to collect and preserve your pets DNA.  This means that you will have the option at any time in the future to have a genetic twin of your current friend.  The preservation samples can be collected at any time while alive or up to 5 days after death.


Here at our clinic we recommend all pets have a microchip in case they become lost. Microchips are very small ISO transponders that are inserted under the pets skin. The device is small enough as to not interfere with the pet and cannot be removed or lost like a collar. Microchips have been proven to help reunite lost or stolen pets with their owners. When combined with other forms or identification microchips increase the likelihood your pet will be found. We offer microchip insertion as an out patient service. We also have a microchip detector if you happen to find a lost pet.

Dental Care

Pets are just like humans and need to have their teeth professionally cleaned to maintain oral health. We offer complete dental cleanings and at home dental care kits. If your pet has bad breath, yellow plaque on their teeth and seems painful around their mouth they may need a dental cleaning.  Please click here to read more in-depth on our professional cleaning.

Drop off

We all have to work and have little time to sit in a waiting room! In order to better manage your time we do allow and recommend dropping your friend off for any type of appointment and then scheduling a better time to pick them up to then talk to the Doctor. Whether your pet is sick or just needs their routine exam we will be more then happy to keep them for the day. If our Doctor performs an exam there will be no boarding charge for the day. In the event you are extremely pressed for time please fill out our Sick Pet Exam form online; fax, print or email it to us. No form is needed for routine vaccine updates unless there is a specific concern. Also if this your first visit with us it is preferred you plan time to talk to our Doctor before leaving.

Pet Supplies

We don't want you to have to go anywhere else to get what is wanted to provide all your pet's needs. That is why we want to be your one-stop shop for pet care supplies. We have stocked pet supplies e.g. cat/dog food, treats, toys, collers, carriers, leashes, pet odor candles and pet lovers gifts etc. If you are in need of supplies that we do not have stocked, please ask if we can order for you!! We currently stock Hill's Science Diet and Royal Canin pet food. Also, we now carry John Paul Mitchel Pet shampoo products and are now taking orders for personalized dog shirts.

At the Animal Wellness Center we house a modern surgical suite to handle all routine surgery.  Our standard across the board care requires all our pets being pre-screened prior to any anesthetic event to minimize risk.  All pets receiving any anesthesia will also be placed on supportive IV therapy to ensure they are receiving the highest standard of care!

Diagnostics: In-House Laboratory
No matter what issues your pet may be having the Animal Wellness Center houses the equipment to diagnose and treat the majority of conditions.  Using our digital radiography machine and in-house blood analyzers your pet will not have to wait for critical diagnostic testing.   In the event your pet needs more advanced diagnostics we can ship samples overnight to reputable veterinary diagnostic laboratories and arrange referrals with our specialty hospitals. 


Preventative Healthcare

At the Animal Wellness Center you can rest assured that your pet will get vaccinated based on their level of need.  Vaccination protocols are based on each pet's risk assessment instead of a one size fits all scale. We utilize recommendations set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association and American Veterinary Medical Association. We also offer recommended care such as routine dental cleanings, ear cleanings, and pedicures.



We offer veterinary services to companion and exotic pets.  This includes dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, reptiles, small mammals and small rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, rats)  If your pet is not listed please call!!


In-House Digital Radiography

We house a state of the art digital radiography machine. With digital radiograph systems, images can be produced faster with higher quality. Digital also means your pet will be exposed to lower doses of radiation for shorter time. In addition to providing high quality diagnostic images we also have an off site Veterinary Radiologist review the films to ensure accurate diagnosis within 24 hours.